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What does the RCQ process guarantee you?

Since the company’s inception in 2015, RCQ has been continually recommended as the organisation of choice by peers and associates. We have a large number of clients that we have worked with and have received a 100% "I would recommend to others" rating during a 2022 survey.

Read on to find out we make a real difference when we place candidates in their ideal roles:

Our Process

• We guarantee a shortlist of candidates within a week of being briefed on an open role.

• We headhunt ideal candidates, across diverse talent pools, by utilising:

     o      Pre-existing market maps

     o      Conference attendee lists and providing talks

     o      Networking within specialist groups

     o      Referrals

• As a specialist recruiter, we only focus on a small range of roles so have technical understanding of what works and doesn’t work.

• We undertake in-depth probing during a 1st stage telephone interview, allowing us to share only the best candidates on the market and save you time.

• We consistently update out candidates and clients on where we are in the process.

• We provide relevant advice in advance of interviews, and encourage candidates to think about points which may be discussed in interview.

• We provide advice to HR or hiring managers on what salary may be acceptable. We find a middle ground which works within a clients bracket and a candidate expectations.

• We keep in touch with candidates following the offer, during resignation, and throughout the on-boarding process until their start date.

Case Study

Want to know more? Read up on one of our recent success stories where we helped our client launch a core ESG department across a range of roles and locations.

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