Our promise to you

We know that looking for your next opportunity can be a daunting, as well as an exciting prospect. We are here to make looking for a new role an easy, smooth and enjoyable time.

Technical expertise

Our technical expertise is a unique selling point for us and so we are really focused on only presenting interesting opportunities that are relevant to your background.

We will provide you with detailed and insightful role summaries which really bring any career prospect to life and we will be on hand to support you with thorough advice during the entirety of the process.

"One of the most helpful and professional recruiters and consultants I have worked with. RCQ helped me secure a life-changing opportunity."

A breadth of opportunities

We have a real in-depth understanding of our clients, having worked with the majority of them for many years and as such can provide in-depth and relevant interview advice which will really aid with your preparation.

We operate internationally, across the US, Canada, Europe, and APAC which opens up a breadth of opportunities for those who have the desire to relocate.

Honest, impartial and valued advice

RCQ is founded on the principles of honesty and integrity and we are wholly committed to delivering honest, impartial and valued advice to everyone who works with us. We aim to keep you regularly updated so that you always know what to expect and when.

When working with anyone at RCQ you can be assured that they will be there to support you with every step of your journey and beyond.