Our Expertise

Our six key pillars

Debt & Equity Capital Markets

We support leading investment banks, investment managers and financial technology companies to scale and enhance their Debt & Equity Capital Markets divisions. This includes within Financial Institutions Groups (FIG), Subscription Finance and Non-Bank Finance, Corporate Coverage, Index & ETF Capital Markets as well as Credit/Equity Research and Credit Ratings across all sector and asset classes.

Typical roles we work on include:

Origination, Syndicate, Credit Research, Equity Research, Corporate Banking & Coverage, Portfolio Management, Sales & Trading and Investor Relations & Fundraising openings.

Securitization & Commercial Real Estate

We work with the full spectrum of firms participating in the Securitization and Commercial Real Estate sector. Ranging from Buy and Sell side institutions, to Credit Rating Agencies, Financial Data Providers, Trustees, Law Firms, Fintech and Debt issuers.

Typical roles we work on include:

Analytical, Origination, Structuring, Modelling, Trading, Portfolio Management, Associate to Partner level Attorney hires, and Commercial openings.

Risk, Credit & Quant

We work with Banks, Asset Managers, Credit Rating Agencies, Consultancies, Non-Bank Financial Institutions. Financial Data Providers, Commodities Trading Firms, Fintech & blockchain companies.

Typical roles we work on include:

Credit Risk, Credit Analysis, Credit Research, Market Risk, Investment Risk, Operational Risk, Enterprise Risk, Stress Testing, Risk Modelling, Model Validation, Quantitative Research, Liquidity Risk, IT Risk,  Regulatory Risk & Compliance.

ESG / Sustainable Finance

We work with a range a ESG Consultancies, data providers and fintech companies, in addition to hiring ESG and Sustainable Finance specialists across our full range of clients including credit rating agencies, investment banks, asset managers and multinational corporates.

Typical roles we work on include:

Sales, Research, Analytical, Product, Portfolio Management and Marketing openings.

Financial Data / SaaS

Our Financial Data and SaaS practice is focused on a broad range of companies providing data and analytics to third parties, predominantly in the B2B market segment.

Typical roles we work on include:

Sales, Research, Analytical, Product, Data and Marketing openings.

Sales, Marketing & Product Management

We work with a wide range of financial and commercial real estate research, data & solutions providers, credit rating agencies, in addition to buy and sell side institutions.

Typical roles we work on include:

Sales / Business Development, Relationship Manager, Account Executives, Solutions Consultants / Pre-Sales, Marketing Managers/Directors, Product Management / Specialist / Strategy openings.

Our services

We are a contingent headhunter, creating bespoke solutions based on your requirements to ensure that timeframes, quantity and quality are all adhered to. We work in partnership with you to ensure the solution created is achievable and is aligned with current market conditions.

We have a proven track record of matching candidates not proactively seeking a career move, with new opportunities, often in locations that they had previously not considered. Over 85% of our contacts work with us exclusively, which is a testament to the quality of service, technical understanding and market expertise that we have.

Our client portfolio includes

  • Asset Managers
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • ESG Consultancies
  • Financial Data Providers
  • Financial Consultancies
  • Government Backed Financial Institutions
  • Hedge Funds
  • Investment Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Retail Banks
  • Trading Houses (Commodities and Financial)
  • Wholesale Banks
  • Law Firms
We are part of a Goldman Sachs backed growth accelerator programme

Our international reach

Working with us, as opposed to a local organisation, provides our clients with a wider pan-national and international reach; resulting in relevant and high calibre individuals being presented, usually within a shorter timeframe.

We specialise in actively headhunting individuals from both domestic and international markets, so search beyond the usual boundaries. We are unique in our ability to identify individuals on a global scale, who have the desire and ability to relocate.

21 countries, across four continents

We have successfully supported organisations with hiring in 21 countries, across four continents and have a particularly strong track record within Europe, the US, and Canada. Due to our extensive international reach we consistently receive referrals from this global network and have a reputation for unrivalled technical understanding and research, as well as exceptional customer service.

Our customers have worked with us for many years, recommend us to others, and seek to continually expand the services that we are able to support them with.

This is a true testament to the quality of service that we provide.