RCQ Associates

Our network, coupled with a detailed understanding of technical Financial Markets concepts, is what truly sets us apart from other service providers.

Working with us, as opposed to a local organisation, provides our clients with a wider international reach; resulting in relevant and high calibre individuals being presented, most often also within a shorter timeframe.

We specialise in actively headhunting individuals from both domestic and international markets. We are unique in our ability to identify individuals on a global scale, who have the desire and ability to easily relocate.

We have successfully supported organisations with hiring in 21 countries, across 4 continents and have a particularly strong track record within Europe, the US, and Canada. Due to our extensive international reach we consistently receive referrals from this global network and have a reputation for unrivalled technical understanding and research, as well as exceptional customer service.

Our customers have worked with us for years, recommend us and seek to continually expand the services that we are able to support them with.
This is a true testament to the quality of service that we provide.