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Client Tips: Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

A diversity and inclusion strategy is not simply about recruiting from a wide talent pool. At the core of DEI policy, is a culture where employees feel respected and comfortable, regardless of any individual differences.

Particularly within the financial services industry, there are still large gender and ethnicity pay gaps, alongside a lack of diversity at senior levels. We work with some fantastic clients who see the value in approaching their talent acquisition with an open mind to change this. They hire individuals across different ages, nationalities, religions, race, sexual orientations, gender and gender identities.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see when considering a more diverse workforce:

Avoid ‘Group Think’ – Multiple sources of diversity reduces the risk of ‘group think’ within an organisation. With a diverse workforce, comes diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the company, because its more difficult for teams to form homogenous groups.

Manage Retention – When an employee feels truly comfortable, both physically and mentally, within an organisation they are more likely to feel loyal towards their employer. Staff should bring their whole selves to work every day and should feel valued for doing so.

Attract Talent – An inclusive culture gives companies a competitive advantage, particularly if candidates have heard of a good reputation, from both previous and current employees. Its an essential weapon in winning the war for top talent.

If you’re responsible for hiring and would like to work with a financial markets’ specialist headhunter, who can truly represent your company in the best light, please feel free to contact any of our Consultants.

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