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Candidate Tip: How you should prepare for a Credit Ratings interview

We know that interviewing to land your ideal job can be tough. We’ve coached hundreds of candidates through the process and have always advised that ‘preparation is key’.

Take a look at these simple tips to help you prepare for your upcoming interview:

  • Do your Research – Make sure you take the time to research the interview panel you will be meeting. Search for any articles they have authored, study their career trajectory and see how long they have been at the company. Ask them questions in the interview off the back of your research.
  • Understand the Methodology –Do you understand the companies rating framework? Make sure you research the specificrating methodology the company uses, which will be published free on theirwebsite. Build on this by reading available views and perspectives on theapproach to help guide the conversation during your interview.
  • “So tell me about yourself” -This is one of the most common questions that job candidates will face. Take the time to tailor your response off the back of your research. Think about what is important to highlight and align your personal attributes with the company and its culture.
  • Be clear and straight to the point - Give yourself 60-90 seconds to answer each question. Think analytically and try not to go off on a tangent.
  • CV Refresh - Up to 80% of the interview may be dedicated to discussing the technicalities of your role. Before the interview, go over the experience listed in your CV and think about the technical skills you acquired. You should also take a look at your previous companies and give opinions on their strategies and methodologies.

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