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Looking to retain talent within your organisation? Read our advice on implementing a ‘bottom-up hiring’ approach to your business

We believe that implementing a ‘bottom-up’ hiring approach is the key to retaining and nurturing top talent within an organisation. This is when a company will look to hire individuals at the junior or graduate level and support their progression to senior positions within the organisation over time.

This requires a company culture that encourages employee learning and upskilling. Although we appreciate that company cultures take time to cultivate, there are some small steps you can take to attract and retain younger talent.  

  • Be transparent about opportunities for growth – Younger employees want to know that they will have the opportunity to build their careers within an organisation. It’s not only important to offer training which will allow upskilling, but also to foster a ‘coaching culture’ where employees will be encouraged and trusted to lead decisions which impact the business. Make sure this is highlighted early on within the hiring process, to ensure that you are attracting ambitious individuals looking to grow their skillset.     
  • Create a positive and flexible environment – We get feedback from our candidates and clients alike that the more flexible the working environment, the happier the staff are. Flexibility can refer to ‘working from home’ opportunities, trusting your employees to lead on projects, or having discussions with staff around culture and taking action.
  • Research the priorities of younger employees – Millennial employees care about flexibility and freedom, whereas Gen-Z value job security. Being aware of the generation that you are targeting is helpful when advertising the role and attracting the right candidates. Make sure you are emphasising the right opportunities within the job description.

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