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Want to enter the world of tokenized securities? Here are our top tips on how to advance in security tokens.

If you’re a blockchain enthusiast, you may have heard of tokenised assets or securities. Promising much greater regulation than ‘traditional’ cryptocurrencies, security tokens have been touted by the likes of Larry Fink (CEO of BlackRock) as ‘the next generation for markets’.

Does the notion of tradeable, digitalised representations of ‘real world’ assets (such as fine wine and art) excite you? Take a look at our top tips for pursuing a career in this new field:

  1. Understand blockchain: Even if you are not a software engineer, to enter this field you need to have an understanding of the basics of blockchain technology and an active interest in the area. Whether you wish to specialise in product management, securities structuring, or even sales (which are just a handful of the exciting roles we have worked on in this space), blockchain acts as the ‘backbone’ of digital assets. First and foremost, make sure you understand the jargon – there are plenty of free online courses and videos to help you.
  2. Leverage your background: Without a degree in Computer Science, breaking into the digital assets industry can feel like an impossible task. However, many financial professionals already have plenty of relevant skills and expertise. Any exposure to the following will stand you in good stead:
    - Programming (such as Java, Solidity, C+, Python, and JavaScript)
    - Cybersecurity
    - Securitisation
  3. Attend conferences: With global organisations such as Goldman Sachs and Apollo currently exploring the security token market, an increasing number of related conferences are popping up around the globe. We recommend the Blockchain Expo World Series (global), and the Security Tokens Summit (NY). Attending such events not only gives you the chance to network with specialised professionals, but also to listen to exciting talks and gain insights about industry predictions.

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