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Client Tips: Progression and Development

We believe that a Career Development Framework should sit at the heart of an organisation's People strategy and have advised many clients to be transparent about the progression and development opportunities available to candidates.

Financial Services is a risky industry – Businesses within the financial and banking sector will always be required to demonstrate an ability to navigate through unprecedented levels of uncertainty. This risk factor can impact employees, particularly those who have joined a company to climb the ladder and progress their careers.

Simple, smart strategies, designed to motivate employees whilst navigating the risks, are important. Offering a clear and transparent career development plan to employees is an incredibly important part of the recruitment process, and allows hiring managers to set realistic expectations for a candidates career advancement.

Here are some of the benefits to implementing a Career Development Framework:

• Training – Allowing employees the opportunity to consider their own progression, with a clear architecture in place, serves as a great training and development tool for individuals to hit defined goals.

• Management – A company-wide strategy around development allows managers to have better, and more informed, discussions with their employees about departmental and company-wide targets.

• Attract Talent – Demonstrating that you are invested in your employees career advancement makes you more appealing as an employer when recruiting. Ambitious and high-quality talent look for companies with a clear path to success.

• Hitting Targets – When employees know what is expected of them, they are more likely to achieve targets.

If you’re responsible for hiring and would like to work with a financial markets’ specialist headhunter, who can truly represent your company in the best light, please feel free to contact any of our Consultants.

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